The 4-1-1 on cleansing / by Shelby Stewart

With 2016 right around the corner kick-start your new year with a cold pressed juice cleanse.
We put together a write up about the types of cleanses we offer and the benefits they can have on your body.


Everyday life can cause a build up of harmful toxins & chemicals in the body. Cleanses are designed to flush, detoxify & nourish the body to help it reach optimal health. We offer 1 or 3 day cleanses where you consume 6 juices per day. 

The Easy Cleanse: 
Is perfect if you are new to juice cleansing or want a sweeter cleanse. It contains 2 greens, 1 root, 1 fruit, 1 lemonade & 1 nut mylk per day.

The Deep Cleanse: 
This is a more intense cleanse that is comprised of mainly green juice. It is the perfect reset for the body. If you choose this cleanse you will get 4 greens, 1 nut mylk and 1 lemonade per day. 


 - Cleansing helps reset the body which enables it to function efficiently and in turn,  works to make you feel your best

- It can increase energy levels, and give you the motivation to keep a clean diet

- Increases mental clarity

- Help clear up your complexion & boost your natural glow 

- While juice cleanses are not designed to make you lose weight, they are a great way to kick-start a sustainable, healthy lifestyle

 -  It works to detoxify the body. Our cleanses are specifically targeted to flush out your liver, often times the reason we are unable to lose weight or we feel a lack of energy is because our liver cannot keep up, by cleansing we work to get rid of the excess build up.


 To prepare it is important to eat clean, unprocessed, whole foods such as whole grains, raw fruits & vegetables and lean protein (i.e. lentils, seeds etc.)

- We recommend following the same eating pattern a week post cleanse for optimal results

While Cleansing

- Avoid caffeine, food, and alcohol

- Start your day with a large glass of warm lemon water (squeeze about half a lemon) – this helps start your digestive system and begins the cleansing process

- For spacing, we recommend drinking a juice every 2 hours in order to stabilize your blood sugar and keep you from getting hangry!

- Throughout the cleanse drink plenty of water (2-3 L)

- For Exercise: exercising naturally helps to detoxify your system, however listen to your body and maybe try something a bit lighter (i.e. yoga, jogging, walking etc.)

If you have more questions about cleansing visit our FQA's page or send us an email below

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