Staying fit all Summer Sixteen / by Shelby Stewart

As fitness professionals, it's our job to discover what our clients and members need, create a plan, and to coach them toward their fitness goals. This often means getting creative with recommendations and working variety into our programming. For anyone looking to stay in shape this summer, here are 3 simple things you can do to keep things fresh and enjoy your training all Summer Sixteen!

Get outside.
You'll never regret a summer day spent in the sun and fresh air! Getting out and doing things like running, walking, hiking, and biking are a great way to incorporate what we call "active recovery". In addition to the exercise element, getting Vitamin D (a critical vitamin in which most Canadians are deficient) is really great for your health, energy levels, and mood. 

Keep doing foundational strength movements.
The summer is a time when you'll typically lean more toward going for a run or a bike ride than going to the gym. What ends up happening as people move to more aerobic long-duration workouts throughout the summer months is that they lose a lot of the basic strength they built while weight training the rest of the year. It's important to keep up your strength training all year as strength is the foundation for overall fitness, health, and longevity. We recommend continuing to do foundational movements (like squats) to keep up that base of strength throughout the summer.

Mix social with sweat.
The summer months always mean more social time (read: patio beers and ice cream). Why not pair your social time with a workout? There are tons of great classes and fitness events throughout the city all summer long that you and your bests can attend together - including our very own Second Annual Commune Games! A little competition, good eats, and socializing anyone? The patio cocktails and cool treats will be awaiting you after your hard work!

Whatever your fitness routine is, the biggest thing we recommend is to stick to some type of regular training throughout the summer! This may mean flexing your schedule and trying some new things to ensure you stay in shape. Do what works for you! 

- Team Commune