Coconut Curry Popcorn / by Shelby Stewart

Not only is this a perfect Superbowl Snack, it also has a lot of health benefits! Turmeric is anti-inflammatory,  a word we've been hearing a lot lately.  Inflammation affects every part of the body and can manifest itself in ways we don’t even expect. Everything from a weakened immune system to anxiety, which means that anything we can do to reduce inflammation is a good thing. Coconut oil is a great source healthy fats, which play a huge role in brain health, immune function and a healthy heart!

Fun Fact: When using Turmeric, be sure to include Black Pepper, it increases your body’s ability to absorb the benefits and use them efficiently!


    ½ tsp Curry Powder·
      ¼ tsp Turmeric Powder·
      1/8 tsp Ginger Powder·
      1/8 tsp Black Pepper·
      ½ tsp Nutritional Yeast·
      3 tbsp. Coconut Shreds·
     Coconut Oil to drizzle

How to Make This:

1. Combine all ingredients and mix well.
2. Cover the popcorn in melted coconut oil, you need enough for the mixture to stick. Enjoy!



Recipe by Maggie Archibald