Summer Prep with Cru / by Shelby Stewart

We just passed the halfway mark in May so now it's really time to get serious about summer prep.  Here are a few things we are doing to get ready for the season ahead:

1.    Kicking off our summer prep with a 3-Day cleanse:
One of the biggest benefits of cleansing is that it helps to break bad eating habits. When you cleanse you realize when you get hungry, what you are hungry for and it allows you to take stock of your diet before you dive into a new regime. Are you getting hungry late at night? Are you craving salty foods? Once you know what you’re body wants it’s easier to plan around those cravings to avoid them.

Cleansing also helps to break down said cravings, once you are on liquid greens for three days you won’t be as likely to reach for process foods because your body won’t be used to eating them.

2.    Substituting out processed foods with a mix of greens and super foods.
We don’t like to think about it as cutting something out but rather reaching for the good instead of the bad.  Looking for a healthy meal idea? – Try this Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl our in-house nutritionist made.  Snacking throughout the day?  - Sub out the junk food with this make your own hummus recipe.

3.    Keep on track with Intermittent Cleansing
Starting a regime with a 3-day cleanse is great way to kick-start new eating habits but intermittent cleansing will help to keep you on track with your new goals and intensify the benefits of your initial cleanse. With our intermittent cleanses you give your body a digestive break once a week for four weeks with a 1-day juice cleanse.

The benefits of intermittent cleansing can lead to lower cholesterol, boost immunity and increase your overall heath.

4.    Drink Ingestible Collagen
This stuff is a one-way ticket to great skin, hair, nails, and joints. Start your mornings off by adding this to your juice or shake. You can get the to go size packages or the scoop depending on your preference.  Need a little bit more information on this stuff: check out their website.

5.    Workout
Why be moody when you can shake your booty? Challenge yourself to incorporate fitness into your regime 3+ times a week.
One Cycle Spin is a great place to get your cardio on while Barre Body is a low intensity but will burn your butt like nothing you have ever experienced. Mixing up your fitness schedule keeps things interesting and group classes increase your chances of sticking to a program.