A day behind the press / by Shelby Stewart

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Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes? 
If so, you came to the right place, we spent an afternoon with our production crew to give you some insight into the process of making each of our juices. Check it out below.

Every day produce and juice go in and out of our Bridgeland location, where all of our juice is made. We press and deliver daily to ensure that we are providing the freshest juice possible with the highest level of nutrient value. 

The first thing we do is thoroughly wash all our fruits and vegetables. We also take the time to hand-peel our roots (carrots and beets) which helps to remove the “earthy” taste from the blends.

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After that is done we separate all the fruits and vegetables into pulp bags where they are then gently pressed with a state-of-the-art hydraulic press that exerts around 1,200 pounds of pressure per square inch onto each ingredient. Nowhere in the process of making any of our blends is heat added to the juice, which means that every bottle of Cru that you open is truly cold pressed.

Each ingredient is pressed separately and then later combined into meticulously measured batches, which ensures that each blend has the same taste time after time.

We fill each bottle to the very top and seal it to avoid oxidization. Once the juice is opened oxygen in the air starts to react with the juice breaking down the nutritious enzymes, which is why we suggest drinking your juice the same day that you open it to get the highest nutrient value.

If you have any questions about what is in our blends or the process behind making our juice please feel free to send us an email at hello@crujuice.com