CRU CARTEL: The Style Guys / by Cru Juice

Meet Jason Krell and Alykhan Velji; business owners, writers, spokespeople and dare we say it — fashion police. This dynamic duo is on a mission to save the world from poor style.

In addition to helping others reach their full fashion potential, Krell is the owner of At Large Communications, where he helps clients reach their full business potential. Meanwhile Velji stays busy painting the town with his own residential and commercial interior design business, Alykhan Velji Designs.

The Style Guys have a weekly segment with Virgin Radio Calgary, are contributors to a variety of print media outlets and can be found giving their two sense on E Network’s Celebrity Style Story and Cosmo TV’s Styleography. We are thrilled to have them as the newest members of our Cru Cartel. With infectious smiles, candid humour and the perfect amount of sass it’s pretty hard not to love the Style Guys. Get to know them below! 

Q. Tell us about yourselves and what you do? What is the Style Guys all about?

Aly: "The Style Guys started about six years ago. We met Dani from Vibe 98.5 at a party (now Virgin Radio) and she was like, ‘you guys should come on next Friday and talk about fashion.’ So we did that once, had a great time and they invited us back and then it became a regular thing. So now every Friday we’re on Virgin Radio talking about, well, really whatever we want!" 

Jason: "Through that we’ve done all kinds of things — ranging from TV shows, to being spokespeople, to hosting red carpets, media appearances and a whole bunch of silly things." 

Aly: "I have my own interior design company, and Jason has his own PR firm. So we do this on the side. It’s really fun. The TV gigs have been a blast. We’ve had people contact us from India, Africa, Italy and other places throughout the world telling us they love us on Celebrity Style Story, which has been so cool!" 

Q. What’s your biggest piece of style advice?

J: "Wear clothes that fit."

A: "Have fun with fashion! I think sometimes people take fashion so seriously. It should be all about your personal style and injecting that into what you wear." 

J: "Care less about what people think. One of the biggest problems is people are always thinking ‘Oh what are they going to say, and what are the going to think if I wear that?’ Well, who gives a sh*t! If you like it, you feel good and you feel hot then wear it."

Q. How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

J: "We get up early! Work life balance isn’t always an easy thing."

A: "We get up at 5:45 am and go to the gym before work. I’m the type of person who if you ask me to go to the gym at the end of the day I’ll be like ‘Are you crazy? I just had the longest day of life, I’m not going to the gym!’ so we try to get it over with in the morning. We try to eat as healthy as possible, but sometimes when you own your own business you’re constantly going from one thing to the next, and there’s lunch meetings etc…which can make it hard." 

J: "I’m a runner! Aly doesn’t like running. But we like spin so we’ll go up to Spoke’n’spin to see Tish who is a good friend of ours." 

Q. What’s your favourite thing about living in Calgary?

A: "We were having lunch in East Village for my birthday the other day, and we were sitting outside on the patio and I was thinking about how Calgary has come a long way. You really do feel like you’re in a big city now, whereas before it was always like ‘Calgary is a small town’ but now it’s really becoming this big city where there’s lot’s of amazing architecture, design, great restaurants. It's amazing to see it grow."

J: "I like that Calgary is a city that embraces entrepreneurs. Aly and I are both business owners, so it’s really important that we live in a city where peope are willing to work with individuals, consultants, and small firms. It’s not all about working with a big multi-national corporation. I think people like to have a relationship with their suppliers so it’s good for us."

Q. What is something unexpected people may be surprised to learn about the style guys?

A: "How about I say something about you Jason and you’ll say something about me?
Okay, so Jason is a neat freak—to the point of OCD neat. If there’s a piece of paper sitting on the table for more than a day it will be moved and put in a place where it belongs. I’m a little bit more carefree and little more of a hoarder. I have a thing for collecting pillows, glasses, and bowls."

J: "People don’t always know that Aly has a really big soft spot for his family. He spends lots and lots of time with them, his nieces in particular. He loves them so much that he will drop everything for his family."

Q. What does #RealandRaw mean to you?

J: "To me, when I hear that, I think of standing behind your convictions and just being real when you’re put in a situation where someone is trying to sway you morally, or convince you of something that you’re not convinced of — it’s just being real with them and saying no. Sometimes you do have to be raw with people and just stand up."

A: "Being yourself and putting yourself first."

J: "No bullshit from people!"

Q. What’s your favourite Cru juice blend?

 A: "Blue my mind—the coconut water and the blueberries. I loved it!"

J: "I’m a green juice kind of guy."

Q. Based on your personality, if you were each a juice which one would you be?

 J: "Probably the green—because it’s very clean. Everything is in its place."

A: "Hmmm.... I just can’t decide!"