CRU CARTEL: Styleista / by Cru Juice

Have you ever dreamt of shopping for a living? Brenna Hardy and Phaedra Godchild — the sartorially savvy pair behind Stylelista — are making that dream a reality. As fashion stylists and writers, personal shoppers and lifestyle experts, Hardy and Godchild have made a living sharing their style knowledge with the rest of the world. As members of this fall’s Cru Cartel, the ladies behind Styleista know cold-pressed juice is this season’s hottest accessory.  

Q. Tell us about yourselves and what you do?

Phaedra: "Simply put, we are fashion stylists and personal shoppers."

Brenna: "We began collaborating on Styleista two and a half years ago and it’s grown from there." 

Q. What are the most challenging aspects of owning your own company? The most rewarding?   

P: "Managing all the moving parts is definitely a challenge. When you own your own business you have to think of the accounting, marketing, PR, etc… it’s more than just fashion and clothes."

B: "Phaedra and I have similar business acumen. We have the same approach but definitely bring different strengths and weaknesses to the table."

P: "Styling personal clients and seeing the beautiful images come to life from a photo shoot are definitely rewarding aspects of what we do."

Q. What's a current trend you’re crushing over.

 P: "I’m all about gothic glam and Brenna is more pretty and polished. We definitely have similarities with the way we dress but we make it our own."

Q. As stylists you see your fair share of fashion faux-pas. What’s your biggest advice to keep people looking and feeling their best?

B: "Go in with an open mind. A lot of people get stuck in the idea that they can’t wear something. Try new things, while still dressing in a way that allows you to feel like yourself."

P: "It’s important to be authentic in what you’re wearing."

Q. How do you stay healthy with such busy schedules?

P: "Lot’s of spin classes at Union Athletica."

B: "I love going to Lagree. It works really specific muscles and you actually feel your muscles shaking."

P: "Of course we love juice cleanses too!"

Q. You have visitors in town and only 24 hours to show them your favourite parts of Calgary. Where do you take them?

 B: "I would take them to all our favourite spots like the East Village, Phil & Sebastian, and the Farmer’s Market off Blackfoot."

P: "I love showing visitors the mountains so I would probably take them on a hike in Banff or Canmore."

Q. What does #realandraw mean to you?

B: "I think it means living authentically and being true to you."

P: "It's also about having a raw passion for what you do every day. This passion is ultimately what drives success."

Q. What’s your favourite Cru juice blend?

P: "I love #greenjuice."

B: "Tough decision but probably model slash actor."

Q. Based on your personality, if you were each a juice, which one would you be?

P: "Definitely the pumped up kicks because I’m obsessed with shoes."

B: "Bad boy brown. I’m really not a badass by any means. Haha. but more because it’s sweet!"