CRU CARTEL: Ania B. / by Cru Juice

Model. Blogger. Photographer. Style icon. If Calgary had a fashion throne, Ania Boniecka would reign. Her 113 thousand (and counting) Instagram followers would surely agree. So what makes this Canadian-Polish beauty so fun to follow? In addition to a killer fashion sense, Boniecka’s blog is filled with images of beautiful locals, delicious food and FOMO inducing events. What keeps this Cru Cartel member so hot? While she can’t divulge all her secrets, there’s one we can share — she drinks cold.   

Q. What first got you into blogging?

"Modelling. I wanted the blog to be an extension of my career in modelling and a place to share my work before social media was even a thing. I wanted to showcase the work I was doing and the things that inspired me. My blog started in 2010 and it’s been in a big process of evolving since then. At first it was a place to share our work, then street style photography, and then it became more about me so it’s definitely had an evolution and I feel like it will continue to change as the years go on."

Q. How do you describe your personal style?

 "Right now I’m obsessed with the 70's, but it’s always changing. I do try to follow trends and I’m not ashamed to say it! I just want to be able to play with [fashion] so I’m always a different character.

I know what works for me and I know what doesn’t. If I see something I’m not going to blindly copy it. I’m going to make sure it looks great on me before I wear it."

Q. Where’s your favourite place to shop?

 "Online. But I also really like department stores. I love having everything in one place. I love Barney’s and Holt Renfrew."

 Q. What advice do you give to people who are thinking about making the leap to a full time creative role?

"Just do it. Don’t wait. I was waiting and waiting for the perfect moment to arrive and there isn’t going to be a perfect moment to quit. One day it’s not going to dawn on you that ‘oh my god this is the day.’ You’re always going to be feeling like you need that next paycheck. Just do it and whatever happens will happen — money always has a way of always making its way to you. You won’t be able to open yourself up to other opportunities when you stay stagnant."

 Q. Your Instagram feed is filled with beautiful images of cities all over the world. Where’s your favourite place to travel?  

"Los Angeles is my favourite place to go. But we want to start travelling to places we haven’t been to yet, so definitely some more tropical destinations because we find those are obviously amazing for photos, and the weather is easier to take photos in. My dream destination is Russia—I really want to go to Moscow and St. Petersburg."

 Q. Describe your perfect way to spend a day in Calgary.  

 "Right now we’re loving how East Village is coming along. When we have time, biking is such a big past time that I love to do.

Biking to the studio, lunch at the Simmons building, then biking over to 17th Ave. I love walking along and people watching, shopping, and checking out on the restaurants. Everything that’s happening in the city food wise is so amazing!"

 Q. What does #realandraw mean to you?

"For me it comes down to personality. I like to think my personality is real and raw. I don’t beat around the bush, and I’m really blunt with people —sometimes that can come across as harsh before you really get to know me.

Health wise, to live real and raw we definitely try to drink and eat as well as we can. We often eat at my mom’s house and she always cooks healthy fresh foods."   

 Q. What’s your favourite Cru juice blend?

"Dirty lemonade!"

Q. Based on your personality, if you were each a juice, which one would you be?

"I guess model slash actor. Or model slash blogger if that were one."