Do you like it Raw? / by Cru Juice

Vegetables have always gotten the short end of the stick. As children, the daily "eat your greens" lecture was hardly a dinner time favourite. As adults, we've become a little more mature about eating our veggies, but often out of necessity instead of want. However, there has been a change in the climate of the culinary industry over the past decade marked by a move towards raw food. Fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes are being given a chance in the spotlight as chefs are transforming them into flavourful, fresh and innovative dishes. Getting your greens has never been easier.

Put simply, raw food means that nothing is heated over 100 degrees. The cuisine is all about celebrating ingredients in their natural, purest form. The most important aspect of eating foods in their raw state is to preserve the natural enzymes normally depleted when food is heated. Enzymes provoke every metabolic reaction in your body, aiding in everything from digestion to brain activity. In short, eating foods in their raw state is optimum for both mind and body. Heated foods can be harder to digest and metabolize, often allowing fats, proteins and starches to remain in your intestines and arteries, which, over time, can wreak havoc on your system. Due to the correlation between digestive health and eating raw foods, many experts believe a raw diet is the key to wellness, longevity and immunity. Also, raw food is known to have extreme beautifying effects - as internal, digestive health is often mirrored in the quality of your skin. 

An integral part of raw food cuisine is the "living” food concept. Sprouting seeds, nuts and legumes in water, they are brought to life, allowing you to obtain the maximum nutritional value from your food. Dehydrating ingredients is another tactic used to bring a higher concentration of flavour and a roasted-like taste to ingredients, all without sacrificing natural enzymes. At Cru Mount Royal, we have integrated such raw food techniques into our revolutionary new menu that is perfect for the health-conscious urbanite on-the-go. Cru Juice is spearheading the raw food movement in YYC by transforming ingredients in innovative ways (think roots spiraled into noodles, creamy avocado dressings and raw chocolate) while keeping everything #realandraw and plant-based. Calgary, get ready for a veg-ucation!

Now serving at Cru Mount Royal

Breakfast Bowl $8
acai blended base, Cru granola, seasonal fruit, superfood toppings
Chia Bowl $6
chia seeds, sprouted buckwheat, hulled hemp seeds, Cru nut mylk, superfood seasonings, fresh berries
Raw Almond Butter Cup $5
Chocolate Avocado Torte $5
Raw Truffles $2 

Coconut Maca, Hazelnut Pink Peppercorn, Pistachio-Hemp
Very Green Salad $12
organic kale, avocado vinaigrette, sprouted beans, nutritional yeast
Cru-don Noodles $12
raw daikon, miso vinaigrette, snap peas, radish, cucumber, choys
The Mangone $12
marinated mango, red cabbage, cumin vinaigrette, quick pickles, jalapeño