SMEE for CRU: Introducing Chef Stephen Smee / by Cru Juice

Chef Stephen Smee for Cru Juice

If you live in Calgary, you know all about the waitlist at UNA. Calgarians wait hours to experience its thin-crust, creatively-topped pizzas and to be surrounded by its hip and trendy clientele. The same can be said of its sister restaurant, Ox and Angela, the purveyors of Spanish-style small plates and some of the best cocktails in the city. Part of the success of these YYC hotspots can be attributed to Chef Stephen Smee, who we are honoured to announce as the architect behind our NEW raw food menu for Cru on 17th. 

Chef Smee began working in the restaurant industry at the young age of fifteen. During this experience, his interest in the culinary arts was provoked, allowing him to ascend to the role of Kitchen Manager at 4th Street Rose at just nineteen years old. Stephen decided to attend Mount Royal College during this time, working part time in his first fine dining restaurant: The Inn on Lake Bonavista. Stephen was recruited a few years later to work for Bonterra Trattoria, one of the finest restaurants in the city. During this period, Stephen's skill and enthusiasm for the culinary arts flourished as he was immersed in the intricacies of Italian cuisine. He quickly earned the title of Sous Chef, moving on to Mercato a few years later, working closely with Chef Spencer Wheaton as co-executive Chef. After three years at one of the most reputable and famed restaurants in the city, Stephen was approached as a menu consultant for UNA. This role soon evolved into co-owner of both UNA and Ox and Angela, where Chef Smee played an integral role in developing the business models and menus of both restaurants. Most recently, he has embarked upon yet another exciting career change: menu consultant for Cru on 17th. 

Chef Smee is lending his creative genius and culinary talents to Cru on 17th to help us design our inaugural #realandraw food menu. We are proud to work with Stephen to spearhead the raw food movement in Calgary, creating a menu of fresh, innovative, nutrient-rich options for YYC. Cru on 17th will be serving up dishes that are exclusively raw, consisting of non-GMO, unprocessed and mostly organic ingredients. By keeping it #realandraw, all the vitamins and natural enzymes are preserved, leaving you as nourished and energized as possible.

If Chef Smee's work at Bonterra, Mercato, UNA and Ox and Angela is any indication, Calgary, you're in store for one mouth-watering menu. Cru on 17th will open its doors mid-May 2015. Do you like it RAW Calgary?