Do a Little Good: Introducing G3 / by Cru Juice

We are proud to announce our very first chef-inspired juice: Good Honest Green.

We have collaborated with Brett McDermott, the namesake and creative genius behind Our Daily Brett, to create G3, an expertly balanced blend of romaine, parsley, green pepper, grapes, lime and jalapeno. Romaine, the powerhouse of the lettuce family, packed with vitamins, Omega-3's and protein, fuses with the grapes to make our G3 a heart-health wonder. The addition of green pepper gives the juice a crisp, light flavor, and contributes to its high Vitamin C and antioxidant count. Throw in metabolism-boosting jalapeno and you have yourself a refreshing, sweet yet spicy green. 

"Good Honest Food" is the mantra at Our Daily Brett, where they focus on sourcing local ingredients to create nutritious, delicious food for a variety of people. We took this message and decided to do a little good ourselves: 10% of G3 retail sales in the month of February will be donated to the Canadian Women's Foundation, which aims to empower women and girls in Canada to move out of poverty and violence into confident, independent lives. It is a foundation that works toward building a community of people who believe in gender equality, encourages governments to create stronger anti-violence policies, funds emergency shelters and invests in violence-prevention programs. The CWF is built on the idea of the ripple effect: empower a woman to move out of poverty and violence, she becomes more independent, has the freedom to make her own choices, her self-esteem is increased, and as as result, she is a more positive mother, wife, and contributor to society. In short, empowering women to break out of the cycle of poverty and abuse is essential to the prospect of a brighter, more liberal future for generations to come. 

The Canadian Women's Foundation will also be our inaugural Press for the People partner for the month of February. We will be donating 10% of our cleanse sales on February 14th and February 28th towards the noble cause of empowering women and girls to move away from instability and into a world where they can reach their full potential.

G3 is currently sold exclusively at Cru locations and Our Daily Brett. Come on in, grab a bottle of G3 and do a little good!