What Cru’s crushing on in the South / by Amanda Hehr

The South just got a whole lot sweeter.  Next time you’re stopping in at Cru Southcentre for a juice and some raw goodies, check out our top picks that we’re crushing on this month.  Trendy bar-wear, must-have winter statement pieces and a throwback to the classic polaroid camera; need we say more?

3.     Aritzia: Manhattan Pant - $65

Good news, people: velvet is in again, and Aritzia is doing it right.  Slip on a pair of these comfy, second-skin velvet leggings for a pop of colour and unique texture when you cozy up this winter.  Pair them with a neutral-tone top and simple accessories.

6.     Sephora: Formula X Dark Matter - $13

Black nail polish is no longer gothic- it’s just plain cool.  Look extra edgy this fall by painting on a couple coats of the Formula X Dark matter.







7.      Below the Belt: Little America Herschel backpack - $100

Backpacks aren’t just for students anymore, and who wouldn’t love one of Herschel’s?  Grab the Little America pack in grey for a weekend trip to Banff.


Written by Riley Wbe

1.     Saje: Peppermint Halo Headache Remedy- $26.95

The perfect cure for those chinook headaches and migraines.  The soothing combination of lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint helps relieve pain by simply using the roll-on bottle to apply oil to the temples, hairline and jaw line.  Saje affectionately calls this oil the “four-minute miracle,” and the bottle is small enough to throw in your purse.

2.     Crate and Barrel : Orb Copper Shaker - $34.95

Spice up your kitchen and bar-wear by adding this copper martini shaker to the mix. 


4.     Roots: Annie Felt Fedora - $48

Toques get old fast.  The Annie Felt Fedora is made with 100% wool and gives an update to the classic wide-brimmed hat style.  The best part? it’s wearable in the rain and snow. Pair with a chunky scarf and simple jeans to look weekend-ready.


5.     Saneal Cameras: Fuji Instax Mini 70 Camera - $169.99

There there is something so special about having your own photos in a frame on the wall, in a card to a friend or simply on the fridge.  Let’s bring print images back with this wicked polaroid camera from Saneal Cameras.  

8.     Analog Coffee now in the ‘burbs

Our favourite coffee shop has moved into Southcentre.  Come treat yourself to their Fratello Coffee Roasters java and get a taste of Central and South American flavours in their Fair Trade offerings.   

9.  Kit and Ace grand opening

Like you needed another reason to head down South.  Kit and Ace, the contemporary luxury brand for men and women’s apparel is coming soon to the Southcentre mall this holiday season.  Get excited to get a sneak peak of their premium, comfortable and functional cashmere.