Reebok CrossFit Ramsay: Meet the Team, take two / by Cru Juice


Q: Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

A: “My name is Jennifer Lamb and I’m from a small town in northern Manitoba. I moved to Calgary to work and for school. I’m currently a project administrator for an oil and gas company.”

Q: What got you into CrossFit?

A: “The company I currently work at brings a trainer in three times a week. He did crossfit type workouts and that’s what got me started. Holly from RCR is a friend who started going to CrossFit Ramsey and she dragged me in. I’ve been hooked every since!”

Jennifer was the Winner of the CrossFit Currie barracks competition in 2014!

Q: What’s one of your favourite workouts?

A: “Anything to do with weightlifting! One of my favourites is Isabelle — which is 30 snatches for time and it’s pretty intense.”

Q: What are a few tips you have for people who are looking to get into CrossFit?

A: “My advice would be to step out of your comfort zone, otherwise you’ll never know what could be. There’s a community here that will help you with your goals and your fitness journey.”

Q: How do you balance CrossFit and the rest of your life?

A: “I balance it all by making time for CrossFit, because it’s part of my routine now. I always set aside time to come in and do CrossFit because I love it.”

Q: What’s a quote you live by?

A: “Don’t half ass anything whatever you do always use your full ass. Love the life you live, live the life you love.”

Q: What’s your favourite juice blend?

A: “The pixie!”

Q: What’s your favourite snack to make?

 A: “Peanut butter energy balls.” Click here for the recipe.

Q: What are you future fitness and CrossFit goals?

A: “I want to improve on my cardio because I’m not a runner at all, and I want to eventually be able to do an Olympic weight lifting competition.”

Q: What do you love most about working out at RCR?

A: “Community is a big part of RCR. When I step in here I feel like I’m surrounded by nothing but family and friends. I love counting down to the workouts. I’m always so nervous to do the workouts and after you’re all complete you’re all sweating and you can barely talk but you have this amazing feeling of sweat and accomplishment.”


Q: Tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

A: “I’m a senior sales consultant for a company called marketplace events. We’re the producers of 42 consumer home shows in North America.”

Q: What got you into crossfit?

A: “I actually worked in a gym in Vancouver for quite a while and I was looking for a new way to spice up my routines. My brother started doing CrossFit and I saw so many positive changes in him—not only physically but mentally, emotionally. He was sleeping better, he was meeting new friends and it seemed like everything in his life just became really positive. I was looking for that change and that extra push for myself. When I first started at Ramsey I was new to Calgary and not only was I looking for new friends but I was looking for a new way to push myself out my comfort zone.”

Q: What is one of your favourite CrossFit workouts?

A: “I don’t have a favourite workout, but I do love chippers and I love anything that’s gymnastic related.”

Q: What are some tips you have for people who are looking to try CrossFit?

A: “First, you just have to do it! Commit, pick a day, pick a time and just show up. When I first started out I was really intimidated. It’s a lot of people going and you feel like the new kid in the class. What I did to make sure I went is I would tell everyone I was going then it would force me to show up.”

Q: How do you balance CrossFit and the rest of your life?

A: “I’m fortunate enough to have a job I love and I’m super passionate about. I am a firm believer in work life balance so I have to find that time every single day to have that outlet. It’s all about planning my workout around work so sometimes I’ll come at lunch, before work or after. It’s a great outlet for stress. Coming in here everyone is super positive so you get a good mental break.”

Q: What’s a quote you live by?

A: “The past is in the past so learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. Today is right now so live for it.”

Q: How do you live to spend your free time?

A: “Any free time I have I go to Kananaskis. I love getting out of the city to camp, bike, fish, and hike. Every weekend I go to the mountains!”

Q: What are your future fitness and CrossFit goals?

A: “Last year I did the western classic with a partner. I’m hoping to do that again in 2016 and improve on our ranking in that meet. I just have some little PR (personal record) stuff I’d like to do for lifting like increase my snatch per weight.”

Q: What do you love most about working out at RCR?

A: “It would be hard to pick one thing! I love the family atmosphere and I love that everyone here knows what my goals are and are constantly pushing me to exceed those goals and create new ones. Make sure to write down and share your goals because if no one knows what they are then they can’t help you achieve them.”