Meet me at the Barre / by Cru Juice

My quads are on fire. There are beads of sweat dripping down my temples. My heart is beating at an exponentially rapid pace. This is Barre Body Studio.

Barre-based workouts have gained steamed over the past few years and are particularly popular amongst celebrities and the fashionable elite. However, tucked into a historic brick building in Ramsay, you will find a fantastic Barre workout here in Calgary. Barre Body Studio was built in 2013 by a group of Calgary-based entrepreneurs with the goal of enhancing the fitness community in Calgary with a disciplined, purposeful method that targets muscles that are not challenged in traditional exercise. Marlo Brausse, one of the founding owners of Barre Body Studio, knew that Calgarians, who are always hungry for the next big thing, would fall in love with the low-impact, high-energy workout and that it would add to the vibrant culture of our city. Marlo and her partners have renovated and 85 year old landmark brick building into a beautiful, premium fitness environment complete with two spacious, modern studios, private shower facilities, free lockers, change room amenities and, last but not least, a fridge full Cru Juice!

The name of the method originates from its ballet roots, as it utilizes the ballet barre for a full-body workout that alternates between fat-blasting cardio intervals, small isometric movements and core strengthening, making for a grueling seventy-five minutes. But with the motivating group environment and upbeat playlist, you will find yourself wondering where the time went. You'll be sore the next day, but your newly tighter tush will thank you.

What makes the classes at Barre Body Studio so unique is that they build long, lean muscle and target those tough-to-tone areas we don't work on a daily basis. In addition to the use of the barre, the classes are complemented with weights and resistance balls to increase muscle tone, strength and endurance. Increasing our muscle mass is essential to ensure the longevity of our health and allows us to burn more calories during the day. Whether you are looking to whittle your waist, increase your core strength or enhance your flexibility, Barre Body Studio has a class for you.

After having just completed my first class at Ballet Barre Studio, I'm hooked. However, like many people trying a new fitness method, I was somewhat apprehensive before my first class. There are many misconceptions surrounding ballet barre workouts which can make people shy away from it. Let's disband those misconceptions so you can sign up for your first class at Barre Body, inhibition-free.

#1 Barre is only for dancers

As the klutzy girl who stood at the back of ballet class as a child, marveling at the grace and ease with which my classmates pranced around, I can confidently tell you that this is not true. The staff at Barre Body Studio have taken the "dance-y" feel out of the classes and tailored the classes to someone with no dance experience or background. While some of the moves have a ballet foundation, they are easy to pick up and do not require a lot of coordination. Barre has benefits and challenges for everyone whether you be a dancer, a weight-lifter or a long-distance runner. If you can put one foot in front of the other and know your left from right, you are good to go.

#2 Barre is just for females

For all you tough guys out there who think Barre is just for ladies, talk to one of the other guys that are coming out of a class. Don't be fooled by the small, controlled movements; they only look easy. The class focuses on those tiny muscles that don't get worked by pumping iron at the gym. Barre is also fantastic for flexibility and posture, two areas often overlooked by men during their workouts. Also, as the classes are low-impact but still highly effective, they are fantastic for restoration and rehabilitating injuries. Barre Body Studio is a fully co-ed facility and, for the month of November, Barre Body Studio is having "Barre for Beards" classes to raise money for prostate cancer. So gentleman, sign up.

#3 Barre is for advanced fitness fanatics

False! Classes at Barre accommodate all ages, sizes and fitness levels. Many of the exercises have modifications for beginners and there a variety of weights available so you don't have to reach for the fifteens in your first class. The classes are are inviting, motivating and challenging - whatever your personal fitness level or goals may be.

Now that we have debunked the myths surrounding barre-based workouts, you have no reason not to give it a go. In as little as five classes, we bet you see improvements in your posture, strength, flexibility and waistline. How is that for return on investment?

Oh, and don’t forget to grab a post-recovery Cru Juice on your way out the door.

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