Meet Stone-Cold / by Cru Juice

Meet Stone-Cold Rosso, the newest addition to the Cru Juice roster. We've combined our smooth, dairy-free nut mylk with Cafe Rosso's cold brew, lightly sweetened it with organic Medjool dates and raw honey and added a dash of sea salt and vanilla bean. With the first sip, we knew we had a winner.

At Cru we are constantly on the lookout for innovative and unique practices to integrate into our cold-pressed juices. After noticing cold-brewed coffee popping up in many premium coffee bars, we were inspired to integrate it into our nut mylk.  

As part of our philosophy is to be community oriented and collaborate with other local businesses, our natural instinct was to partner up with Cafe Rosso, a home-grown company with whom we share a mutual esteem for optimum quality delivered with style. We both strive to establish long-lasting relationships with our surrounding area and provide Calgary consumers with the freshest, highest quality experience.

Café Rosso was started in Calgary in 2007 and is a family-owned, quality focused company that now boasts three locations in our city. They source coffee from the most prestigious farms around the globe; coffee that is approachable, sweeter in nature and tells a story. Rosso was founded on the philosophy that coffee shops are often the place where we spend most of our time apart from home and work, the "third place", and they wanted to make that place as inviting and as premium as possible. Every batch is roasted and tasted by the Rosso team to ensure it meets their standards before being brewed or sold. By micro roasting each batch, the highest level of quality is ensured. We love the smooth, nutty, rich depth of flavour of Cafe Rosso's cold brew, that, when paired with our creamy nut mylk, makes for a match made in YYC heaven.

Now what is cold-brew coffee, you ask? Let us fill you in. 

Cold-brewed coffee is an a intricate brew method wherein beans are coarsely ground and soaked in cold filtered water over a period of roughly twelve hours. While this process requires a little more TLC than regular hot brewed coffee, the finished product tends to taste vaguely of chocolate, has a nuttier essence to it and is all around smoother, sweeter and richer. The reason behind this is that heating coffee grounds changes the chemical structure of the beans, releasing oils that are full of acidic compounds. By cold-brewing coffee, the acidity in the beans is lowered by roughly 75%, allowing for the richer, more decadent flavours of coffee to come through while significantly limiting its bitterness. Lastly, less acidity means that cold-brewed coffee is much healthier for your digestive system and for those pearly whites. You can kiss your daily cup of steaming dark-roast goodbye.

Not only does cold-brewed coffee have more concern for your body and your palate, coffee beans are known to be a source of antioxidants which have disease fighting and mood boosting properties. The outcome? Expertly prepared cold brew coffee paired with the excellent balance of protein and good fats in Cru nut mylk makes Stone-Cold Rosso a nutritional winner.

Last, but certainly not least in our list of reasons to dive into Stone-Cold, is that this drink is also ideal for both a pre-workout energizer, and as a post-workout recovery drink. Drink it before your training and let the caffeine work its magic on your energy levels, metabolism and mental alertness. Alternatively, enjoy a Stone-Cold Rosso post-workout, allowing your body to recover with its eight grams of protein, fiber, vitamins, and mono-saturated fats (the good kind!). Whether it be as a morning pick me up, make Stone-Cold part of your new daily ritual. 

Stone-Cold Rosso is already flying off our refrigerator shelves; come in today and get it while its...cold!