Cru Juice lives and breathes the belief that every one of us deserves to effortlessly and effectively achieve an optimum level of health and happiness within our daily lives. We meticulously blend and bottle a rainbow of raw, cold-pressed juices that are packed to the brim with the planet's most revered superfoods, making them abundantly accessible to all, each and every day. 

Cru translates to 'raw' in French. It's our short and sweet way of saying 'raw cold-pressed juice,' while paying homage to our fearless crew β€“ the people, backgrounds, beliefs, directions and dreams behind our business. And lest we forget the real stars of the team... our killer line-up of farm-grown, hand-picked, fresh-pressed non-GMO produce that are the lifeblood of each of our carefully crafted products. 

At the helm of Cru are founders Amanda and Naomi; juicing devotees who began wholeheartedly pressing their daily dose of regenerating, oxygenating, restorative green juice at home long before the secret got out. We want to meet you, hear your stories, help you infuse these amazing juices into your life and experience the benefits. Welcome to your new daily ritual. See you soon for a taste of #RealAndRaw.